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FISO Kerf Frames are designed provide the best sealed opening, preventing water and air infiltration. The Kerf weather seal gasket is designed to install into the kerf channel . The frame is available as knock-down, bolt together or fully welded design. 

Available on:

Gauge: 16 gauge / 18 gauge

Steel Type: Galvanized or Galvanealed, A40 or A60

Fire rated: up to 90 min

Frame Profile:

  • Double Rabbet

  • Single Rabbet

Throat Size:

  • 4 3/4" to 10"(Double Rabbet, Case Opening)

  • 3 3/4" to 10"(Single Rabbet)

Width: 2'0" / 2'6" / 3'0" / 3'6" / 3'8" / 4'0"

Height: 6'8" / 7'0" / 8'0"

*Special heights and widths are available, please contact us.

Kerf SR.png

Double Rabbet Kerf

Single Rabbet Kerf

Kerf Frame Drawing watermark.png
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