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FMA Moduler Doors/FMB-KD Metal Building Doors

Specialty Doors

        Rolling Shutter

        Anti-blast Doors

        Lead-line Doors

        Air-tight Doors

        XL Hurricane Doors

        FMA/FMB-KD Doors

        Patient Room Doors

        Blast Release Wall

        XL Swing Doors

FMA Product Feature

  • FMA Moduler building doors have similar feature to our standard hollow metal doors

  • Pre-assembled door, frame, sub-frame and hardware system

  • Take less than 30 min to install on metal beam

  • In factory powder coating painted

  • Steel Sheet Thickness: 16 / 18 / 20 gauge

  • Steel Type: Galvanized or Galvanealed A40 or A60

  • Core Types: Polystyrene / Polyurethane / Steel Stiffened / Temperature Rasie

FMB-KD Product Feature

  • 12 gauge adjustable girt clips for easy installation

  • 18 gauge galvanneal door with polyurethane or polystyrene core

  • Kerf weather seal

  • 18 gauge galvanneal frame with 7 gauge hinge reinforcements

  • 161 cylindrical lock prep

  • Choice of 1 or Grade 2 cylindrical lockGrade

  • Powder coated Ball Bearing NRP Hinges

  • Sill Plate and Threshold

  • Standard color is Tru White - other color options available

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