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Custom Frames

Hollow Metal Frame​s

        Drywall Frames

        Masonry Frames

        Kerf Frames

        Custom Frames

FISO Door's manufacturing capability allows FISO to manufacture most of the hollow metal frames.

  • Maximum frame we can bend is up to 10' height and 10' width

  • Maximum throat is up to 14"

  • Steel thickness is up to 12 gauge

  • Contact FISO for any special Hollow Metal Frames need. Email:

Egress Frames

Egress Frames are mostly used in corridors egress openings located at school, hospital and other public buildings. FISO Door is able to manufacture egress frames to meet high traffic requirement.

Egress frame.png

Stainless Steel Frames

Stainless Steel Frames have the function of aiding cleanliness and rust resistance. It is also used for aesthetics. Stainless Steel Frames are often found in electronic plants, food processing plants, clean rooms and high moisture locations. FISO Door offers a selection of stainless grade and finish. 

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