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About FISO

Who we are

FISO Door’s mission starts with our people.  FISO Door has gathered some of the best leaders and experienced individuals found within the hollow metal and hardware industries.  Our professional management team has over 100 years total of combined experience.  Their understanding of what is needed in commercial doors, frames and hardware for your industry sector, means the entire team at FISO Door  are dedicated to providing what you need, not just trying to sale something standard.

Plant Overview  

FISO DOOR is located at 201 Railroad Ave., Westminster, MD.  With a 50,000 sq. ft. manufacturing / warehouse / corporate offices located within one facility on 14 acres, FISO DOOR is positioned to provide quality products now, as well as being able to expand when demand of product requires so.

Our Products

FISO Door is setting a new standard among all hollow metal door and frame manufacturers.  Introducing powder coated finishes on frames and doors as FISO’s standard product offering.  FISO Door has developed an unique manufacturing process that allows for the first time in United States of America, doors to be offered with a powder coated finish!  No additional painting is required to honor FISO’s warranty.   

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