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Temperature Rise Doors
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FISO Temperature Rise Doors have maximum temperature rise function up to 250˚F in 30min. FISO Temp. Rise door is used in openings require other side of the door does not exceed certain temperature such as stairwell. 

Available on:

Gauge: 16 / 18 / 20

Steel Type: Galvanized or Galvanealed, A40 or A60

Fire rating: up to 3 Hours

Channel: top and bottom cap available

Edge Design: Beveled or square edge


  • 1 3/4

  • 2 1/4

Width: 2'0" / 2'6" / 3'0" / 3'6" / 3'8" / 4'0"

Height: 6'8" / 7'0" / 8'0"

*Special heights, widths and thickness are available, please contact us.

Hinge Prep: universal hinge prep and variable hinge location

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