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True Powder Coat Finish

FISO Door is the only manufacturer in North America using a true powder coat finish on the DOOR and frame system. FISO Door's unique door building process and the newest power coating technology makes this available. Power coating provides the most durable finish, exceeding traditional liquid based paint. FISO Door's finish is designed to give years of service without additional coats of paint.


Schrӧder Powerbending Universal

The Powerbend Universal provides the perfect balance between technology and performance. It was engineered using state of the art tools and programmable for numerous configurations. It can bend up to maximum 13 ft and up to 7 gauge metal sheet.


Euromac Punching Machine

FISO Door uses the newest sheet metal punching technology. MTX FLEX 6 meets or exceed all requirements for variety of metal punching. It  employs up to 60 tools and can rotate 360° which dramatically reduces punching time and increases production efficiency.

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